Feel Free to Read Some Articles about the PictureBank.


Genevieve and Nancy,

I just viewed your new site.
It's awesome! Congratulations!

David Niedenthal
Director of Communications
NYU Law School



i have noticed the photo bureau's picture bank is searching a WHOLE LOT faster these days.  did you do an upgrade or something?  what ever was done, many thanks!  i use "the bank" several times a month, and it has always been a great resource; but it is now more enjoyable to use!   -thanks sooo much!

Christopher James
Office of Public Affairs -Media Relations


Excellent!  Having an FPO is great.  In fact, I'm going to drop one into a bulletin right now.

Lenny Livitsky
NYU-Advertising and Publications


Dear Genevieve,

The Picturebank it has become such a valuable resource to me. I always need fresh mages for Gallatin’s publications and web site, and I often need to help colleagues find images that were taken for the School in the past. – job well done!

Leah Frattalone
Assistant Director, Communications & Alumni Relations
Gallatin School of Individualized Study