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  Image: 1998-412-d-022
Event: Week of Service - Office of Community Service [More from this event]
Date shot: 1999-04-20
Photographer: Olivo, Elena
Collection: Photo Bureau
Category/Subject: Class Collections/Group Portrait; Non-NYU Subjects/Parks; Non-NYU Subjects/Greenwich Village; Student Life/Campus Scenes; Student Life/Community Service; Student Life/Events; Student Life/Field Trips; Washington Square Park and Area/General Views; Washington Square Park and Area/Arch; Washington Square Park and Area/Looking North;

  Image: 2003-452-180
Event: UG Program in Early Childhood - School Visit [More from this event]
Date shot: 2004-03-31
Photographer: Burkey, Bryan
Collection: Photo Bureau
Category/Subject: Student Life/Field Trips; Student Life/Classroom Scenes; Class Collections/Group Portrait;

  Image: 2003-517-017
Event: Phil Ramone at Tisch Class [More from this event]
Date shot: 2004-04-29
Photographer: Rogol, Paule
Collection: Photo Bureau
Category/Subject: Academic and Special Events/Lecture; Class Collections/Group Portrait; Schools/Tisch School of the Arts; Student Life/Classroom Scenes; Washington Square Campus Buildings/721 Broadway;




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